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Customers Said...
"That looks absolutely fabulous! I am extremely pleased with the drawing. The detail is amazing. You do great work."

"I think DaVinci would envy your talents. It's a keeper.! "

"I love the picture. It came out really well. I gave it as a gift and it looks excellent in the frame. I am excited! "

"I just can't get over how great they did on dad. Amazing!!!! You can see the happiness and kindness in his eyes."

"I'm very pleased with the painting completed. I look forward to buying from you in the future."

"Oh my goodness, how cute! I LOVE THEM...THEY ARE AMAZING!!! I would recommend you to anyone!"...

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Customer testimonials

"Thanks so much for the fabulous portrait of my Nina. She passed away last month and I was devastated for a while. I am glad I found you and your pet portraits are amazing. I appreciate your showing me how the painting was done in your studio. I talked to quite a few web sites but almost all of them make paintings overseas like China and Russia. I love that my painting was made right here in Seattle and I can watch its progress just by stopping by. It was fansinating to watch the artist work. I cried the other day after staring at my painting for a while. Thank you and thank you."
                                                     Janice T from Bellevue Washington

"I can not believe this is my 28th (or maybe 29th) painting from you guys since two years ago. You guys totally rock and I am totally addicted now."
                                                     James B from New York, New York

"I did a lot of research to finding a company to do my oil paintings. Yourartnow was the best and after seeing my paintings I'm so glad I chose them. The paintings look amazing, they are absolutely beautiful I will always treasure them. Working with Yourartnow was a pleasure, my paintings looked exactly as I envisioned them. The prices are extremely reasonable anyone can afford it. I would definitely recommend using Yourartnow to everyone."
                                                     Brenda D from Pompano Beach, Florida

                                                     Scott R from Gig Harbor, Washington

"My husband Courtney commissioned a painting from you for our 1st Anniversary two months ago! It was of one of our favorite pictures of he and I in Lake Tahoe. I could not believe my eyes when I unwrapped my gift. it is breath-taking! It looks like the real picture but even more amazing!!! I continue to be awed by the painting every day. Our guests can. believe it. a painting either! This is our 2nd piece from you (the other was a gift for our wedding from dear friends of ours of my husband, step-son and I) hanging in our home. I look forward to adding additional pieces to our collection from you as we grow our family! Thank you so much!"
                                                     wife of Courtney W from Paradise, California

"The painting looks great! I'm so surprised that you got it done this quickly. You guys went above and beyond to provide me what I needed, when I needed it, and it was noticed. Really, thanks again. When people ask about it, cause I know they will, I will pass them along to your website. "
                                                     Chris C from Huntsville, Alabama

"The painting came out really nice! Everyone I showed it to (friends and family) absolutely LOVES IT!! Thanks for the great work and speedy and AWESOME customer service!!!! I know my husband is going to be estastic about the sketch!! You are definitely a lifesaver!"
                                                     Rochelle D from Little Elm, Texas

"I love it!! Thank you so much, my dad and I are obsessed! We appreciate everything you have done! The painting is absolutely timeless and beautiful and I can't wait to share it with my mom. I will use this company again very soon and I will and have told so many people about it and showed off the painting yall did."
                                                     Caitlin S from Fort Worth, Texas

"Thank you so much....I think it looks fantastic. I am so pleased that you were able to have it done so quickly. I gave it to my client just before the closing. It immediately brought tears to her eyes. She said that she didn't know her house was so pretty. She will display it at her new home and will always have her house with her.....always. Thanks again for the superb quality and getting it done and delivered before my deadline."
                                                     Joan B from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania

"My wife liked the painting a lot. I would definitely recommend you guys to others. It was an easy process and also a great product."
                                                     Nick J from US Air Force, Virginia

"We are THRILLED with this painting! Just thrilled! Thank you SOOOOO much! This means a lot!!! There are actually no words to describe how important this project was to me. To find a way to preserve for generations beyond mine the spirit, memory and love of my grandparents was so very important to me. It was even more important to find a way to do this and to give that as a gift for my mother on this very emotional Mother's Day that is soon approaching. This painting does that. It has brought everyone who has seen it to tears. This painting will last forever, like the memories and love that I have for my grandparents. Thank you for all you have done for me and my family."
                                                     Amanda S from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"The painting is amazing. I love it! My friend loved it. I am truly satisfied with the amazing job on the painting.I also would like to say I am impressed with the outstanding customer service of your company.I greatly thank you for all help and dedication to my order."
                                                     Amanda B from Wayne, New Jersey

"The pencil sketch was strikingly similar to the color photo I provided and every detail in the photo was accounted for in the sketch down to the most minute details. It is the perfect gift for the person who has everything."
                                                     Jessica R from White Plains, New York

"Thank you so much....I think it looks fantastic. I am so pleased that you were able to have it done so quickly. This painting truly means a great deal to my family while I was on duty."
                                                     Jacob C from US Army Iraq

"The painting is really incredible. Thank you for your hard work to get this to me on time. it has really made the celebration of my engagement so much greater. So many people have already asked me for your website so that they can order paintings for Birthdays, anniversaries, and other happy occasions. thanks again."
                                                     Jason T from San Diego, California

"The painting looks great. The picture arrived this morning and I was even happier than I thought I would be with it."
                                                     Rebecca M from Elmwood Park, Illinois

"she got the painting and she loved it...thank you very much again!"
                                                     Rupert A from US Marine, Japan

"I think you did a tremendous job on the painting. I am very impressed! Grandma in particular you captured just perfectly. Seems so subtle a difference with the eyes of the baby, but that was exactly what was needed...very impressive and it was a pleasure working with you. I'm biased, but the painting you just did is a great advertisement for the talent you have, as well as your willingness to guarantee customer satisfaction as you claimed. You were always willing to meet my needs, your communication was outstanding from the called me within minutes of me registering and to be honest had you not done that, I may still be looking at all the various options online. When I looked, you weren't necessarily the cheapest, but I will not even shop around for any future painting needs because even if I pay a little more, it is definitely worth it. You get what you pay for I guess. Again, much thanks and I know my wife will absolutely love it!! It was a pleasure working with you, sir. Can't wait to hang that baby in a prominent place in my house--wherever my wife tells me I will hang it."
                                                     Chris K from Fredericksburg, Virginia

"Thanks and you do good work!!Why do you think I keep coming back?"
                                                     Claire S from Houston, Texas

"Wow!!!!!!! Are you sure that is a painting???? That looks JUST like the photograph! It is perfect. "
                                                     Norum C from Roswell, Georgia

"Your artist has done a fine job capturing the spirit of the image, my compliments."
                                                     Edgar G from Hidde valley lake, California

"We are very pleased with the painting and amazed at how quickly you were able to do it! I will recommend other family members to you if they need something like this done in the future. Thanks again and you have a great talent."
                                                     Joe B from US Army Afganistan

"The painting is beautiful. We especially appreciate that you asked for a critique and then incorporated our suggested changes into the finished work. This piece will surely become a family heirloom. Thank you very much."
                                                     Derek A from Sumner, Washington

"The painting is absolutely beautiful!! Wonderful job...thank you so much for getting it done so quick! I will definitely refer anyone I know to you if they are in the market for something like this, and the next time we are looking for a painting, I'll be sending my business to you for sure!"
                                                     Christina B from Orlando, Florida

"oh my gosh i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee it !!!!!!!!!!! thank you very much for having it done so quickly.It looks absolutely gorgeous! i love it!You have an incredible amount of talent.& i really appreciate you keeping your word about making it in a short amount of time.Im completely in love with it."
                                                     Leoni S from Spokane, Washington

"Wow, I am totally blown away by how good it looks. Thanks for all the hard work you have put into it for me. I look forward to hearing my wife's reaction when she see it. I didn't think I would be able to pull of such a sweet birthday present for my wife while I was on deployment, but thanks to you guys it was possible."
                                                     Chris J from US Navy Pacific

"The painting looks great. VERY GOOD WORK! I personally just want to thank you for EVERYTHING you have helped me with. I've been emailing numerous people on numerous business related discussions and always feel happy to read the emails I receive from you. I'm not always happy to read emails from others, so that says a lot about you. Other great things about your company and service: 1). Not once during the whole process did I have difficulties. 2). The many questions I asked help ensure your company would be the best value for the money. 3). You were very friendly, helpful, and courteous to me the ENTIRE time. 4). When I decide to have more oil paintings done I will be sure to contact you. 5). BEFORE the painting was even completed I began telling people about you. I was so excited! I was excited and that excitement turned to amazement when you showed me the final product. 6). I have no doubt that my family will absolutely admire this gift."
                                                     Logan L from Netcong, New Jersey

"Wonderful, I am soooo excited! I've never had anything done like this before! It looks fabulous. I really love it, WOW! Amazing job! Thanks again for all of your hard work. You did a more than phenomenal job, I was absolutely floored at how realistic we looked as well as what a wonderful job was done on every little detail. From the shirt wrinkles, to substituting faces from a more recent picture, our painting is truly a masterpiece to cherish. You were so quick to respond to me before I ever even ordered and such a pleasure to work with throughout the process. I will definitely come back for another! You rock!!"
                                                     Emily F from Austin, Texas

"The drawing is awesome.You captured the essence of all three of our girls. We liked the concept that you were able to put all three of our girls in one painting. We really liked the way you put Shilo (the white cat) in front. She was our first cat and passed away a few years ago."
                                                     Tina D from Seattle, Washington

"Very impressed, looks gorgeous. So glad we found Thank you so much, you have made this a very enjoyable process and I know I will get a tear from my dad. I think the most impressive part of is the value. To have an artist create a rendering of the things you cherish for <$100 is unbelievable to me. I was skeptical that the painting could be "professional" for the price, but was blown away by the finished product. am so impressed by the value and the whole process that I will personally be "selling" the idea to everyone I know."
                                                     Todd from Kennett square, Pensilvania

"It was quite a striking piece of art. Now you've opened up a whole new Pandora's box for your business and folks will want all kinds of interpretive "fantasy" artwork done! Kudos to you. How refreshing to have such a detailed response. These days, folks interested in customer service in any venue is extremely rare and I appreciate your professionalism. My wife loved the picture and it hangs prominently in our home! "
                                                     Chris C from Sumner, Washington

"I'm extremely pleased with the project; it captured exactly the artistic essence of the snapshot that I was looking for. Your service has been outstanding. I will definitely return for other projects. Thank you very much. "
                                                     Carolyn K from Palatine, Illinois

"Thank you soooo much!!! I received my painting and absolutely LOVE it!!! The artwork was absolutely amazing. I will recommend your company to everyone!!! "
                                                     Nina B from Vancouver, Canada
"We are very, very pleased with the outcome of this project. The painting was framed this weekend and hangs in our Executive Conference Room -
                                                     Corey S from OR
                                                     >See Corey's artwork here

"I just can't get over how great you did on dad. Amazing!!!! You can see the happiness and kindness in his eyes. My Aunt and Uncle were over tonight for dinner with my mom. I showed them the picture and we all cried. Please thank your artist again for us it means so much. "
                                                     Tim W from Nevada

" LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My father LOVED his pencil drawing. It was his 70th birthday and we all arrived at the restaurant. He didn't even know we'd all be there. He opened his presents before dinner and as I sat across from and watched his face as he looked at the drawing, I saw the tears well up
in his eyes. My mother told me later how touched he was by it. He has it on top of the tv at his house and shows it to everyone who visits. I want to thank you guys for rushing it to me so we could have it in time for the party and for your artist doing such a wonderful job on it. Everyone asked me where I got it done, and I was happy to rave about how you guys came through and what great communication you had throughout the whole process. It's refreshing to have some decent customer service for a change! You
made our day!"
                                                     Ellen T from New York

"Your Art Now did an excellent job at creating a watercolor from our current picture - they fully listened to our ideas on modifying the picture, as well as worked with us on coloration. I would definitely work with them again in the future, and recommend them to anyone. Thanks for helping to create a great wedding present for our parents!"
                                                     Kristen K from IL
                                                     >See Kristen's artwork here

"It was awesome!!!! We cannot tell you how much we like it.. So many compliments. It is being given as a gift. Thx a bunch for your quick response and turn around time."
                                                     Karissa G from NY

"It's perfect! Thank you for taking the extra effort to get it just right. This is the greatest gift...I know it will be loved and passed down for generations! I will definitely use your services again!"
                                                     Julia B from VA

"Thank you soooo much!!! I received my painting and absolutely LOVE it!!! The artwork was absolutely amazing. I will recommend your company to everyone!!!"
                                                     Kathleen R from WA

"I just wanted to express my extreme satisfaction. I can't even describe how I feel when I look at that portrait. I can't wait to give this to my friends; I know their hearts are going to melt when they see this! This is going to be an amazing Christmas! Thanks a bunch!"
                                                     Brian K from IA
                                                     >See Brian's artwork here

"Thank you so much. They are perfect, just as we asked! We were so pleased with your work and quick turn around time and we are thrilled to add these prints to our collection. I will definitely pass your services along!"
                                                     Carey C from KS

"My in-laws were thrilled at the beautiful portrait. They could not believe how 'dead on' you were with the drawings of their grandchildren. My phone conversations with you were great. You are very eager to make sure I was completely satisfied with the portrait. You took a vested interest in making sure I was happy. I have already referred several family and friends. You are in the process of helping them "
                                                     Christine G from VA

"It looks great. My husband loved the picture. It was the perfect anniversary present."
                                                     Marie S from Virginia
                                                     >See Marie's artwork here

"I'm very pleased with the painting completed. I look forward to buying from you in the future."
                                                     Sam S from DC
                                                     >See Sam's artwork here

"I love the picture. It came out really well. I gave it as a gift and it looks excellent in the frame. I am excited! "
                                                     Amy M from Maine
                                                     >See Amy's artwork here

"It looks great. I love it. I've already recommend you to my co-workers and family members. I really appreciate the effort you put forth to ensure that I was completely satisfied. I love my painting."
                                                     Shauna G from Gorgia
                                                     >See Shauna's artwork here

"Thank you for your work. Every one is impressed. We gave it to the newly weds and they loved it."
                                                     Victor O from California
                                                     >See Victor's artwork here

"It looks awesome! I will definitely call on you again for more work!"
                                                     Brenda C from Denver, Colorado
                                                     >See Brenda's artwork here

"Oh my goodness, how cute! I LOVE THEM...THEY ARE AMAZING!!! I would recommend you to anyone!"
                                                     Wendi G from LA, California
                                                     >See Wendi's artwork here

" You guys did a wonderful job. You will not find a better artist."
                                                     Jerry J from South Carolina
                                                     >See Jerry's artwork here

" Thanks so much. I really appreciate your patience. The portrait looks great!"
                                                     Kelli J from Texas

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