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"That looks absolutely fabulous! I am extremely pleased with the drawing. The detail is amazing. You do great work."

"I think DaVinci would envy your talents. It's a keeper.! "

"I love the picture. It came out really well. I gave it as a gift and it looks excellent in the frame. I am excited! "

"I just can't get over how great they did on dad. Amazing!!!! You can see the happiness and kindness in his eyes."

"I'm very pleased with the painting completed. I look forward to buying from you in the future."

"Oh my goodness, how cute! I LOVE THEM...THEY ARE AMAZING!!! I would recommend you to anyone!"...

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Winston's Story
We received our picture this past Saturday and were ecstatic with the quality and likeness to our special pet. This spectacular picture truly captures the beauty of our wonderful "Big Man" and will hang in our home as a tribute to the joy he brought to our life.

Winston Cornelius Beauregard was born in England on April 22, 2000. When he was approximately 2 months old we visited a breeder and he immediately captured our hearts and came home with us that day. Winston was a wonderful puppy and kept us amused from the very beginning. Being homesick and dealing with the high cost of living in the UK, I convinced my husband to make the move to

Oil Painting
the States so I packed up my British husband and boxer and headed back home.

Original Photo
Winston loved to go the vet and we would refer to it as "going to see his friends". He became very comfortable going to the vet as he attended day care there on a daily basis for a few years, until we purchased him a puppy to play with. Needless to say we enjoyed watching Winston nurture and play with his new puppy, Tessie. Mind you Tessie wanted to be top dog and Winston was so easy going that he just allowed it.

Winston was rather large for a boxer in both weight and height and as a result he started to develop arthritis over the last couple of years. This did not stop Winston from playing and running in the backyard with Tess although you could see the

stiffness he experienced after a hard day of playing. Of course, this didn't stop him from doing the same thing day after day.

The last couple of weeks in October we realized that the pain was increasing and he had started to have trouble moving his neck. After a few visits to the vet, he was diagnosed with a condition where his vertebrae had started to fuse together which was the reason his mobility was becoming increasingly hindered and his medication was only a temporary relief.

The weekend of Halloween

Framed Oil Painting
had to be one of the worst weekends and I spent each night sleeping on the floor with him. While we had an appointment the following Wednesday at a University with a very good veterinary program, we were skeptical of his condition on Saturday as he had stopped eating and was not moving much at all without assistance.

Monday, November 3rd proved to be one of the most difficult days I have had to experience thus far. After sleeping on the floor again, and looking in his eyes that morning I knew the time had come to say good-bye to our "son". My husband and I, along with my father, made the dreaded journey to the vets. With all of us in tears and me holding him, we said good-bye.

So here I sit with tears in my eyes writing to express appreciation for the detail that was put into creating the special remembrance of our beloved, Winston.

Thank you Jim for giving us a fabulous remembrance

Ian & Robynne B

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