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Customers Said...
"That looks absolutely fabulous! I am extremely pleased with the drawing. The detail is amazing. You do great work."

"I think DaVinci would envy your talents. It's a keeper.! "

"I love the picture. It came out really well. I gave it as a gift and it looks excellent in the frame. I am excited! "

"I just can't get over how great they did on dad. Amazing!!!! You can see the happiness and kindness in his eyes."

"I'm very pleased with the painting completed. I look forward to buying from you in the future."

"Oh my goodness, how cute! I LOVE THEM...THEY ARE AMAZING!!! I would recommend you to anyone!"...

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Color Pencil Gallery

Color Pencil Gallery
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Color Pencil
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"The painting looks awsome! My mother loved the painting she was in tears. Thanks so much for your persistence, great service, and answering my questions very quickly. " -- Carole D from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada. Carole asked us to make a color pencil sketch of her mom as a Christmas gift
"The painting looks marvelous! Thank you so much for all the modifications (and patience!) I know they will love it! :) I am so pleased that I selected you to do the painting! Your service was more than expected and I truly appreciated it. I think this wedding present will far surpass any wine glasses/plates/etc they may receive. I will also be sure to spread the word to friends and family so they can keep you in mind. And, I am sure down the line I will use your service again " -- Vicky C from Oroville, California. Vicky picked a truly creative and memorable gift for her wedding friends, a color pencil sketch of the couple by the lake.
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Color Pencil
"The drawing is awesome. You captured the essence of all three of our girls. We liked the concept that you were able to put all three of our girls in one painting. We really liked the way you put Shilo (the white cat) in front. She was our first cat and passed away a few years ago." -- Tina D from Seattle, Washington. Tina loves all her three cats but one of them passed away and we created a color pencil sketch of them calmly sitting next to each other from three separate photos. The photographers couldn't even make them all sit together. But to a painting, we only need seprate photos and can merge them together.
"Thank you so much....I think it looks fantastic. I am so pleased that you were able to have it done so quickly. I gave it to my client just before the closing. It immediately brought tears to her eyes. She said that she didn't know her house was so pretty. She will display it at her new home and will always have her house with her.....always. Thanks again for the superb quality and getting it done and delivered before my deadline." -- Joan B from Ellwood City, Pensylvania. Joan commissioend a color pencil sketch of her client's old house as the closing gift after selling it for them. We added her name to the painting. How can her client ever forget her great service and such thoughtful final touch.
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