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Customers Said...
"That looks absolutely fabulous! I am extremely pleased with the drawing. The detail is amazing. You do great work."

"I think DaVinci would envy your talents. It's a keeper.! "

"I love the picture. It came out really well. I gave it as a gift and it looks excellent in the frame. I am excited! "

"I just can't get over how great they did on dad. Amazing!!!! You can see the happiness and kindness in his eyes."

"I'm very pleased with the painting completed. I look forward to buying from you in the future."

"Oh my goodness, how cute! I LOVE THEM...THEY ARE AMAZING!!! I would recommend you to anyone!"...

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Family Portrait Gallery

Family Portrait Gallery
family portrait from photo image
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"We are THRILLED with this painting! Just thrilled! Thank you SOOOOO much! This means a lot!!! There are actually no words to describe how important this project was to me. To find a way to preserve for generations beyond mine the spirit, memory and love of my grandparents was so very important to me. It was even more important to find a way to do this and to give that as a gift for my mother on this very emotional Mother's Day that is soon approaching. This painting does that. It has brought everyone who has seen it to tears. This painting will last forever, like the memories and love that I have for my grandparents. Thank you for all you have done for me and my family." -- Amanda S from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Amanda sadly lost her grandma to illness. In order to cherish the love between her grandparents and make a very special Mother's Day gift for her mom, she asked us to make a very special oil painting with her grandparents' recent photo together and the photos in their twenties at the corner.
"The painting looks great. VERY GOOD WORK! I personally just want to thank you for EVERYTHING you have helped me with. I've been emailing numerous people on numerous business related discussions and always feel happy to read the emails I receive from you. I'm not always happy to read emails from others, so that says a lot about you. Other great things about your company and service: 1). Not once during the whole process did I have difficulties. 2). The many questions I asked help ensure your company would be the best value for the money. 3). You were very friendly, helpful, and courteous to me the ENTIRE time. 4). When I decide to have more oil paintings done I will be sure to contact you. 5). BEFORE the painting was even completed I began telling people about you. I was so excited! I was excited and that excitement turned to amazement when you showed me the final product. 6). I have no doubt that my family will absolutely admire this gift." -- Logan L from Netcong, New Jersey. Logan commissioned an oil painting of his whole family as a Christmas gift
Oil Painting

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Color Pencil

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Oil Painting

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"Wonderful, I am soooo excited! I've never had anything done like this before! It looks fabulous. I really love it, WOW! Amazing job! Thanks again for all of your hard work. You did a more than phenomenal job, I was absolutely floored at how realistic we looked as well as what a wonderful job was done on every little detail. From the shirt wrinkles, to substituting faces from a more recent picture, our painting is truly a masterpiece to cherish. You were so quick to respond to me before I ever even ordered and such a pleasure to work with throughout the process. I will definitely come back for another! You rock!!" -- Emily F from Austin, Texas. Emily ordered a large watercolor painting of her family together as a special gift for her parents
"I think you did a tremendous job on the painting. I am very impressed! Grandma in particular you captured just perfectly. Seems so subtle a difference with the eyes of the baby, but that was exactly what was needed...very impressive and it was a pleasure working with you. I'm biased, but the painting you just did is a great advertisement for the talent you have, as well as your willingness to guarantee customer satisfaction as you claimed. You were always willing to meet my needs, your communication was outstanding from the called me within minutes of me registering and to be honest had you not done that, I may still be looking at all the various options online. When I looked, you weren't necessarily the cheapest, but I will not even shop around for any future painting needs because even if I pay a little more, it is definitely worth it. You get what you pay for I guess. Again, much thanks and I know my wife will absolutely love it!! It was a pleasure working with you, sir. Can't wait to hang that baby in a prominent place in my house--wherever my wife tells me I will hang it." -- Chris K from Fredericksburg, Virginia. Chris gave her wife a very special Mother's Day gift of their mom and his baby boy.
"The painting is beautiful. We especially appreciate that you asked for a critique and then incorporated our suggested changes into the finished work. This piece will surely become a family heirloom. Thank you very much." -- Derek A from Sumner, Washington. Derek made an oil painting of his wife as a unique gift.

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Family Portrait: Bring Everyone Together Forever with a Professional Family Portrait

Family photographs—we own them by the hundreds. Stuffed into albums, stuck in frames, or stored in the attic, our family photos often become lost, forgotten, or damaged by the effects of time and careless fingers. We consider having an official family portrait done, but our family is scattered far and wide and no one has stepped forward to coordinate the effort it would take to get the entire family together at a portrait studio. And then, of course, there is the cost of it all! What if there was a way to have a custom, professional family portrait painted or drawn with minimal effort on your part and at a fraction of the cost you might expect for such a service? We are passionate and dedicated artists are standing by to make your dreams of a family portrait a reality. All you need is a photograph and a few moments!

But what if you don't have a single photo that includes everyone you wish to see in your family portrait? As long as you have photographs of everyone you'd like included in your new portrait, a highly skilled professional artist can combine all of these images to create a completely realistic, classic work of art in oil or water color paints or pencil. Perhaps you've always wanted a family portrait made on the old ancestral farm or in a field of wildflowers. You need only submit a photograph of your chosen backdrop along with your family photo(s), and your project artist will produce a work so seamless, no one will believe you didn't actually load up the family and drive or fly them to a remote location to stand and have a family portrait painted by a famous artist!

With a photo to painting family portrait transformation, you have the opportunity to turn back the hands of time or to layer generation upon generation for a “family tree” effect. Imagine a portrait featuring everyone from great grandparents to the most recent additions to your precious family. As a gift idea, a custom made, hand painted family portrait is unparalleled. Picture a mother's day gift featuring multiple generations of family matriarchs or a father's day portrait that unites great uncles with newborn nephews. If, like so many people, your family is scattered over the nation or the world, having an authentic family portrait has never been simpler. You need only ask each member of your family to provide you with his or her photograph for inclusion in the family portrait. Once your completed portrait has arrived at your home and has been hung lovingly in a place of honor, you can enjoy having your entire family with you whenever you glance at your new painting on the wall.

The days of sitting fees, impatient children, and lengthy, trying portrait sessions are over. With minimal fuss, accommodating prices, and endless possibilities, you could, in as little as a week, be the proud owner of a true work of art—a family portrait that will shine for generations as a legacy to the unique lives and images of your loved ones.

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